Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pregnancy Musings: 35 Weeks

1.  Every autumn leaf that I see is a little floaty reminder that I'm going to be a mother soon.  Fall has always seemed so far away, but now it's here.  It's like a leaf wafts past me and whispers, "don't fuck it up!"

2.  My feet are so swollen.  Here are the shoes I can currently wear: Ugg boots, fuzzy slippers, flip flops (but  just barely).

3.  Speaking of swollen, I torture myself every day by trying to put my wedding ring on. Still can't get it past the knuckle.

4.  All of these little annoyances of late pregnancy are totally worth it. I'm so excited to meet this little one that I've been carrying for the past almost 9 months. Will it be a boy or a girl?  Will it have my curly hair? Will it like music? Sports? Reading? Will it be as smart as its daddy?  Will it ever truly understand how much I love it?

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