Thursday, March 3, 2011

In a Funk

It's been a rough couple of weeks. Here's why:

1. My car has been in the shop for nearly 3 weeks and needs a new transmission, to the tune of several thousand dollars.
2. I dropped my phone last week and the screen now has a giant crack across it. My only option is to tape it up and keep using it. Can you say "ghetto?"
3. Brad had the flu since Sunday and is just now feeling back to his normal self. I have not gotten it yet, but I feel off. Head floaty and kind of like I got hit by a truck or fell down the stairs

I haven't put on make up or done anything with my hair all week. I don't normally doll up too much to work from home, but I at least usually wear normal clothes and do a little something with myself. I am a newlywed after all! This week? I went out in public wearing sweatpants and Ugg boots, having not showered. Granted, it was only to Rite Aid to get Brad's Tamiflu prescription filled, but still.

But today, after wallowing in my "I'm getting sick" and then my "I fell down the stairs" all day, I finally got up from my desk at 500, took a shower, dried my hair and put on jeans and some mascara. I feel 100% better (although my ass still hurts something fierce from my tumble).

I'm in a funk, you could say. But I'm trying to pull myself out of it.

I could really use a cupcake right about now.