Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pregnancy Update: 33 (!) Weeks

Well, I managed to survive 12 days of being alone and super pregnant in the southern summer heat while Brad was off having an awesome time in Colorado.  He sent me updates in the form of pictures of beautiful mountains and super awesome goats, and weather reports (70 degrees and sunny!) while I sweated in Southern West Virginia.  He had a great time though, and I am glad he was able to go.  

I can't believe I am 33 weeks pregnant! That means I only have 7-ish weeks left. Yikes!


-Super cold water. Like, from the refrigerator and with lots of ice cubes. The more the better.  I'm thirsty all of the time.
-Feeling the baby. Not only feeling it move, but feeling its body. It keeps sticking its butt out at me in various positions. Sometimes if I poke it it will move or poke back.  It's kind of like playing with it, and it's kind of like something out of Alien. Either way, it's really really cool.
-GROUND BEEF. Sometimes it's all I can do to stop myself from driving to a fast food restaurant and buying something disgusting like a Whopper (I KNOW!  I haven't actually done this, but I've thought about it).  (Un)Fortunately, Brad prefers to eat things like spinach salads with chicken for dinner, which is what I should be craving. But I'm not.
-Friday Night Lights. Especially Tammy Taylor and Riggins.
-The baby's room. It's getting closer to being done and I looooove it!  Just need a few more things and a few finishing touches. I also need to make the mobile I've been putting off for weeks. Hopefully we can finish it up this weekend.
-My awesome friends, who are throwing us a sort of couples/families baby shower in a few weeks.  I can't wait!

Not Loving:

-Still the damned heat. When is fall coming? Hopefully any day now.
-Still the teenage boy breakouts.  WHY?
-Swollen hands and feet -- really swollen hands. I can't fit my wedding band past my knuckle, so I am out there looking like a single lady again.
-Ligament pain, which has been happening with alarming frequency the last few days.  It makes me double over and it really blows.   Hoping that ends soon, although it probably won't.
-Spotting all my favorite pumpkin beers in the supermarket and wishing Brad liked them so I could steal a sip. He continues to buy beers I don't like. 

In other news, Brad bought a new car, so we now officially both own vehicles that can drive safely on the highway. I don't think we have ever been in this situation -- at least one of us has always had a total piece of shit.  Now we both have grown up cars. Weeee!


  1. So when you give birth will the alien come bursting out of your chest in a fountain of gore? Uh. I mean baby...

    1. That's what all the baby books tell me.

  2. It's been confirmed by baby class videos.