Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Non-Running Running Buddy

Yesterday I headed home after work and got ready for a run. I yelled down the stairs to Brad, who was already in his cycling kit and gearing up for a ride, "I'm going to Coonskin!"

"Me too," he answered. It's Cyclocross season, as I may have mentioned, and he has his first race this weekend in Tennessee. I knew he would be going to the park to ride up crazy short hills and run up stairs and over various objects while carrying his bike. This is called cross practice, and when we lived in Pittsburgh there was an organized practice a couple of times a week at Frick Park. Here in Charleston, Brad may be the only person who races Cyclocross, so he has to do it all by himself. I'm sure people think he's crazy as they drive by.

Anyway, I drove to my favorite trailhead and set off for my scheduled 2-2.5 mile run. I'm just cresting the first hill when I see Brad barelling down the trail toward me. I stopped to chat for a few minutes and then continued plodding along.

Brad actually rode along with me for the rest of my run, straying to ride up any steep hills and jump over any obstacles that we passed. He even inspired me to run an extra mile and a half, so I completed 3.5 miles last night instead of 2. It was so much better having company on my run. Not only did I run longer than I would have had I been alone, but I took fewer walking breaks and I ran a bit faster, too. And it was certainly nice to have someone to talk to. Thanks, Brad!

I think I need to make a running friend. As my "long" runs start to get longer, I think it would help stave off boredom if I had someone to talk to. Maybe I can convince Brad to take up running. . .

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