Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Like a Queen

I have been sleeping on the same bed that I bought when I moved out of my parents' house at the age of 19. It sags in the middle and Brad and I often wake up with backaches. Not to mention the fact that Brad's feet hung off the end of it and I was constantly kneeing him in the side in my sleep. Eleven years we'd been sharing this bed, and it had to stop.

So last week, we went on a wild, flu-ridden journey of the city looking for a new bed. We found one at last, and it arrived yesterday. After moving our old bed into the guest room (for my parents to sleep on this weekend -- sorry guys), we hauled that sucker upstairs, set it up, and were all, "Huh. This Queen-sized bed, contrary to what I believed, is significantly larger than a double." For some reason, I thought our full-sized sheets would fit, but I was mistaken.

So last night at 9.00, you could find me at Target, buying sheets and a new bedskirt. But holy moley. I slept like a cherub last night. I am so in love with our new mattress that, if I weren't already married, I would make it my husband.

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