Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I spend most of the summer in T-shirts, sometimes wife beater-esque tank tops, and I spend a decent amount of time outside (well, maybe not lately). Therefore, I tend to have a rockin' farmer's tan by July. Brad gets the worst farmer tan in the world from his lycra cycling clothes; mine isn't that bad but bad enough.

Since we are getting married in September and I am not wearing a T-shirt to the wedding, I desperately need to even out my tan. I was debating what to do: should I lay outside in our yard everyday? Use self-tanner? Get an airbrush tan?

In the end, I decided to go the sorority girl route and hit the tanning salon. I know how bad this is for me, and I am not the kind of girl who plays fast and loose with, you know, cancer. I will avoid UV rays for the rest of my life after the wedding, but I need my skin to match for this one special day!

I went to Sun Kiss Tan for my first session yesterday. The girl at the front desk was one of the tannest people I have ever seen, natch. She sold me a package of ten sessions, and escorted me into the room. I was really nervous, as I tend to be when I am doing something for the first time.

First, let me say that there are special goggles. And if you don't wear them? You'll go blind. I stripped down to my bra (with straps tucked in) and underwear, slathered myself in a "Diva" lotion sample, clamped my eyebrows down on those goggles, and hopped into the bed. I was prepared for it to feel like a coffin, and it kind of did, but it was surprisingly relaxing. It was warm and there was a fan blowing and music playing. I stayed in the bed for ten minutes and when it shut itself off, I got out, got dressed, and came home.

Not scary at all. And the payoff will be that I won't look ridiculous in my wedding dress! Now if there was only a way to keep my skin from freckling in the process. . .

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